nanoVNA software

Much of this software is experimental;
a good uninstaller utility can monitor and log those software installations,
which enables more thorough clean up with any subsequent removals.
click for uninstaller utility

USB device

Firmware controls USB ID in nanoVNA,
which may confound driver installation and firmware updating.
Debugging may be facilitated by recording related Windows activity.
Logging may be accomplished by first installing NirSofts' USBLogView.

USB port serial monitor

Run this while running NanoVNA programs to watch
- what the program sends to the device
- what the device sends back
"Free" USB Analyzer
- Max session length: 10 minutes
- Max sessions per day: 5
- Grace Period: 4 days

Other free possibilities:
- USBPcap + Wireshark tutorial wiki
- busdog testimonial
- SysNucleus USBTrace 15 day eval, 257k per capture session

firmware management

nanoVNA employs STM32 firmware which may be read and rewritten
via USB using STMicroelectronics' Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) software,
which is included as on HuGen's Firmware Drive

An ST-Link connector can be soldered to the NanoVNA.
ST-Link supports debugging as well as firmware management.

Building NanoVNA Source in Ubuntu 19.04

firmware flavors

On a separate page
loading firmware on macOS or linux

PC apps for nanoVNA control

NanoVNASharp MOD v3 by QRP RX
  - CAPTURE button gets screenshot from NanoVNA
  - communication layer now works more reliably
  - improved error handling
  - calibration now works as expected, added RESET button
  - improved user interface for calibration (button highlighting, etc)
  - fixed frequency setup issues
  - improved S1P and S2P export
  - improved support for different firmware versions
  - firmware version detect and display in the app title
MATLAB scripts
Originally provided by Hugen without source; binary available on Google Drive
YouTube video
more from Tomi Engdahi

NanoVNA Saver
written in Python, running on Windows, Mac, Linux, etc Releases on GitHub with helpful README
Notes by Ohan Smit
NanoVNA-Saver_Calibration-Settings example
JH4VAJ wrote a user guide (Google translates from Japanese)
Windows guide and more from HexAndFlex

TAPR VNA folder
source on GitHub
markdown instruction manual on GitHub

NanoVNA-Web-Client - runs in some web browsers (but not on ChromeBook or iPhone/iPad)
Available from cho45 on GitHub